What is Re-keying

Locksmith Valencia Re-keying is a really great solution especially if you have lost or broken your key. Re-keying requires special skill and techniques and is something only an expert locksmith is able to perform. Re-keying is something which every consumer should be informed about as is very much the more cost effective solution than lock replacement when it can be performed.

Re-keying is not something just anyone can do, a skilled, highly trained locksmith technician is the only one equipped and knowledgeable enough to perform such a task. To begin the process of re-keying your homes door the technician will take disassemble the existing lock, they will then remove the cylinder from the lock and remove the bottom pins inserting a new key they will use this as a guide to re-key. Using color coded pins the technician will carefully insert new pins that fit around the new key, once the new pins have been inserted the cylinder will be put back into the lock casing and the lock will be reassembled into the door. Even though the explanation for re-keying sound simple enough it’s still not the wisest idea to try this yourself it could end up being very time consuming and costly if it doesn’t work and you end up causing damage to the lock which would then need replacing. Let the experts handle it, they have done this procedure thousands of times and they have the no how to rectify anything that could go wrong. Those practiced technicians can handle the situation in very little time at a very reasonable rate.

Re-keying is not only the solution for lost or broken keys, it is also very useful when moving into a new property and you’re not sure just how many people may have a copy of your house key. It would be extremely unfortunate if one of those people just let themselves into your property and helped themselves to your belongings. As a really smart measure of protection re-keying should be performed when moving into any new property, whether it’s a house, condo or apartment.

Re-keying can be used in cases of forced entry or breakins providing there is no damage to the lock. Re-keying can be used on a number of objects not just your front door, your office, your, car, padlocks, cabinets just about any lockable item. Re-keying can also be used as a method to reduce the amount of keys you carry with you. Your home or office could be re-keyed so that every door uses the same key which is really convenient.

Always use an honest, dependable locksmith company one which has been recommended is normally best so that you can be sure you won’t be receiving an ill equipped incompetent locksmith. Check that the technicians have the appropriate training and tools to carry out such works before enlisting there help. Once you feel comfortable you have the right person for the job your re-keying process will be pain free and affordable. Be smart protect your family and belongings and prevent any unwanted circumstances by re-keying today.

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